We stayed up way too late the last night of our cruise, but it was fine because we already knew that we could sleep in due to the medical evacuation that moved our arrival time back by several hours. We were shocked that when we woke up our boat was once again moving at a very slow pace. This time we were in the middle of a thick fog. It was a repeat of our Christmas Cruise that we took in 2008.  I did not expect there to be such heavy fog this time of year. The fog was so thick that the port was closed and we were unable to enter the Mobile Bay.

We spent our day napping in our room and lounging on deck. We finally docked in Mobile at 3:30. We were in our car and  headed back to Milton by 5 and eating dinner with our kids and my sisters family by 6:45. 

We had a great vacation and really enjoyed just spending time together as a couple. While we missed the kids we realize that every couple needs to get away once in a while.

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