Lloyd Weekly

It has been a overcast, rainy, and dreary week. The weather for the weekend promises to be perfect. I hope that our weatherman is correct since we have a jammed packed day of fun outdoor activities planned for today. First up we are going to ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The fall colors should be brilliant this weekend. We were lucky enough to get seats in an open air car so that we can fully enjoy the views and weather. After a day riding the rails and taking in the beautiful colors of fall we will head over to the Life Bible Church Family Fall Festival for food, fun, games, pumpkin carving, and a bonfire. I am hoping that Madilyn will be able to nap in the car between events so that we can fully enjoy the fun at the Fall Festival.

Our Week in Review:

  • We had a relaxing 3 day weekend thanks to the furlough day that teachers and students were given.
  • My official KSU transcripts finally arrived and I have applied for my teaching certificate upgrade, and the pay bump that goes along with the new degree.
  • Madilyn had a great time painting pumpkins.
  • Finally finished the fall/winter clothing shopping for the kids.
  • Trying to keep the end result in mind as I am adjusting to rubber bands and a very sore jaw after my orthodontist appointment.
  • Caleb took the PSAT, I am anxious to see the results so we can start working on preparing for the real test.
  • We finished the 1st quarter at school, one more to go and we can close this semester.
  • I achieved my goal of making it to the gym three times this week. Going to try to do it again next week.

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