Amicalola Falls

We had a beautiful day this past Saturday. My sister Deanna and Brother-in-Law Josh were in town for the weekend and the weather was perfect for being outdoors. Since it was the peak of the fall season we decided to take a trip up to Amicalola Falls. We took the scenic route to the falls and enjoyed the county roads and abundance of fall colors. The weather was perfect for a hike and day of family fun.

I was a little nervous about going to the falls. I felt nervous because last time David and I went it was very difficult for me to make the climb to the look out point. This time I found that I was able to do this hike easily. Loosing weight and working out at the gym has paid off. I was able to enjoy the hike with my family without begin short of breath and 20 steps behind everyone else.

Amicalola Fall was beautiful as always. I love this spot. Even with all of the people that are around the place still feels peaceful. The overlook of the valley was bursting with color and was so beautiful.

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