Lloyd Family Update

Another week has come and gone at the Lloyd House. As the year is wrapping up we seem to be slowing down a little and trying to enjoy life and the Christmas Season. I can not believe that we are already well into December. This year has just flown by.

Christmas is getting into full swing as the house has been decorated, Christmas cards mailed, and Christmas movies are being watched. Our first batch of Christmas cookies disappeared in record time. We may have to bake some more this weekend.

Our Week in Review

  • We spent some time signing our Christmas cards. Madilyn was so cute. She can not make all of the letters of her name yet, so she signed each card with the letter M.
  • We began Christmas shopping. We are scaling back this year, so shopping has been easier as well as less stressful.
  • Madilyn is learning about giving to others. She was so excited to see a bag full of arts and crafts stuff and then disappointed to learn that the bag was a gift for a child from the “Giving Tree” at work. We had a nice conversation about giving to others.
  • Through my church I recently became aware of The Good Shepherd Ranch.  This past week David and I went to the ranch to take a tour and to learn more about the ranch. It reminded me so much of my time at the Church of God Home for Children.  If you are looking for a good cause to contribute to this Holiday Season The Good Shepherd Ranch could use your financial support.
  • Caleb had to have two more in-grown toe nails cut out. It is frustrating to him and to me that these keep growing back. The doctor did the procedure in a way in which the toe nails should not grow back. I hope it works this time.
  • Madilyn made a gingerbread house at school. She was so excited to show us all her project and to eat it. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. The gingerbread house and Madilyn were both very cute.
  • We ordered Caleb’s class ring this week. He picked out something that is a little different but suits him. I can not believe that my little boy is so grown.

I am looking forward to a busy week as we close out the semester at school. Final exams, posting grades, and gearing up for two weeks off.

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