I have officially lost 65 pounds this year. The last few pounds lost have been hard fought, but the fight is mine to win this time.  Madilyn weighs 30 pounds, it is hard for me to believe that I have lost the weight equivalent to two small children. Some days I don’t feel like I look like I have lost that much weight.

I started in January weighing in at 257 and today I weigh 192.  I am due for measurements at the gym this coming week and am excited to see how I am doing with inch loss. My sister who is thinner than I am sent me a pair of almost new Levis in the mail this week. They are a regular size 14. Well to my surprise they fit. I’ll be honest….  I could put them on, zip them up, and walk in them but I doubt very much that I could have sat down in those jeans.  I just need to drop a few more pounds and those jeans will be comfortable to wear. I hope to be able to wear them by the end of this year.

I am feeling great and its not just because the number on the scale going down. I feel healthy, and have a lot more energy. I am able to do more with my family and do not tire as easily as I did just a few months ago. Its a good feeling.

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