Memories from Christmas

Recently I was reflecting on Christmases I had as a child. I was trying to remember the gifts that I had received during my childhood. I thought long and hard and I could only remember a handful of gifts. These gifts were not really special or significant in any way they are just somehow stuck in my memory. I remember getting a Moppet’s secret dollhouse, an AM/FM portable radio, and a monopoly game. I could not remember any other gifts I had received as a young girl. I remember a few items I received as a teen; my first pair of gold earrings, a black jewelry box, and a set of Alice Walker books. I know I received many more gifts.

I may not remember many of the gifts I received as a child, but I remember lots of other things. I remember the Santa Cookie Jar that was on display each Christmas. I remember baking cookies with my sisters and my mom. I remember snooping for Christmas gifts with my sisters. I remember the gallon jar of pickles my dad got as a gag gift from a dear family friend. I remember many of the church Christmas plays and the fruit and nut bags we would get at the end of the service. I remember laying in bed talking with my sisters long after we should have been asleep on Christmas Eve. I remember grandma making all of us night gowns and wearing them to bed on Christmas Eve. I remember more about the people and what we did together than the gifts.

I am sure that I am not the only adult that has trouble remembering very many of the Christmas gifts that were received as a child. I could not help but think of all of the time, energy, and money that parents put into Christmas, only to be long forgotten as their children grow into adults. It seems that so many families place more importance on the gifts received than on the precious reason that we celebrate Christmas.

As parents David and I try to make Christmas more about Christ, giving to others, family traditions, and less about the gifts received. I hope that when my children are older they will remember the fun family times we have had during the Christmas season. I am so glad that David and I focus less on the gifts and more on the birth of our Savior and being together as a family.

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