Happy Christmas Eve

From the Lloyd Family to your family we hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a beautiful Christ centered Christmas.  My wish for you is that you will not just do Christmas but experience Christmas. .

Earlier this week we decided to go and see some Christmas lights. We made our way to Life University and took a drive thru the “Lights of Life.” It was a beautiful display and a great time of family fun. We had not visited this display in years. Madilyn was so excited to see all of the lights, however she was a bit impatient about all of the traffic.

I was happy to see that the display still included a nativity. Many public displays have decided to omit the display of a nativity in order to appease those who do not recognize the birth of Christ as the reason for Christmas. When the display came into view Madilyn said, “I see a baby Jesus.” I am so glad that at her young age she is able to recognize a Nativity scene when she sees one. We used this opportunity to remind her and Caleb of the true meaning of Christmas.

*photo by Caleb Lloyd

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