5 Reasons not to send Christmas Letters

In my entire adult life I have only sent out two Christmas letters. The first time I did it because it was the “new” tradition that others in my circle of friends had started. I felt like since all my friends were doing it I needed to follow suit. Boy was I wrong, I can hear my mom asking me, “If all your friends jumped of f a cliff would you follow them?” The second year I wrote the letter because I felt like people expected me to do again since I had done it the previous year. I am the type of person who does not like to disappoint and always want to live up to the expectations of others,I am working on changing that. When the third year rolled around our family was in such a crisis and had had the worst year ever I just did not feel that I could write a letter that would be honest and joyful so I decided I was done with Christmas letters.

Here are five reasons I have for not sending Christmas Letters:

  1. My close friends and family already know what I have been up to during the past year. I blog, update my status on Facebook, and Twitter often. The people who need to know what is going on in my life know without reading about it in an annual letter.
  2. Christmas letters add stress to my already busy holiday season. I am not going to spend hours writing the perfect letter when a simple card will say all I need to say during the holiday season. Cutting out the letter and changing how I create my Christmas card relieved a ton of stress this holiday season.
  3. I feel that mass Christmas letters are impersonal. When I write a letter I want it to be personal and something the receiver will treasure and know that the words were for them only, not a message to the masses. I do send hand written letters to a few people throughout the year. These letters are immensely personal and heart felt. I guess I am old fashioned in that way and feel that letters should be an intimate expression of your emotions and feelings. In my opinion mass letters are neither intimate or personal.
  4. From years of reading Christmas letters I know that many people sugar coat their letters and don’t tell the truth. People send out wonderful cheery letters and act like all is perfect in their world when the truth is they are hurting and need love, support, and prayers. I find it sad that many do not feel they can be open and honest with friends and family in their annual Christmas letter.
  5. Christmas letters are often misinterpreted and thought to be brag letters. I know one of the letters I wrote talked about a new job for me, 4.0 for Caleb, our adoption of Madilyn, and years of a successful marriage. A friend commented to me that the letter was very boastful. I never intended the letter to be a brag letter, I intended to update others about our life the letter was misinterpreted. I reread that letter several times and found it to be an update not a brag, but it was misinterpreted. It hurt me to know that others thought my letter was bragging and hurtful because they were experiencing the loss of a child, the death of a family member, divorce, financial issues, and other life issues. I never want my successes and life to feel like a slap in the face to those who may be struggling.

I am not judging those who write Christmas letters, I am just explaining why I no longer take the time to write a Christmas letter. I feel that a greeting card with a few photos and inspirational verse or verse that is speaking to me is the best way to send Christmas Greetings.

How do you handle the sending of Christmas wishes?

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