Working Mom Resolutions

Recently I started reading articles and blogs posted on the site Liberating Working Moms. I stumbled upon this site after reading my cousin-in-laws blog and following her links to the site~ Thanks Misty. I don’t have a lot of interaction with other working moms outside of my place of work so I have found this web site to have helpful insight, advice, and information.

Liberating Working Moms is doing a posting concerning resolutions of working moms. Well I don’t normally do resolutions because I don’t normally keep them, but this year I decided to do a few and am posting them for the world (really for those who read my blog).

My 2012 Resolutions are as follows:

  • Continue on the road to better health by going to the gym on a regular basis and continuing with weight loss. I left 65 pounds in 2011 and they can stay there. I want to be healthy for myself and my family.
  • Spend more time in prayer and devotion. I really have not put this as a priority in my life for the past two years. As a Christian I know that when I am spend time in devotion and prayer I am a better wife, mother, and employee.
  • Be still and really listen to what my family, friends, and God are saying to me. All too often I don’t listen, I hear but I don’t listen.
  • Leave work at work. I am not paid to work after hours, no one cares if I work after hours, and after hours work hurts me and my family. This is normally easy for me to do, but with some recent changes at work and being forced to do more I have already been tempted to work during my off hours. (New since my original list was posted)

6 Responses to “Working Mom Resolutions”

  1. I’m so glad you decided to join in! You are one of my inspirations for my weight-loss goal this year! I really do need to do it for my health and to feel better about me.

  2. Donna says:

    I am glad that I have inspired someone =) I still have a long way to go on my health and fitness goals, but taking it one day at a time I will make it.

  3. So glad you found us! And I’m so glad you are linking up. And I’m jealous you can leave work at work. Teaching doesn’t allow that.

  4. Donna says:

    Tracy- I taught in a classroom for 12 years, and found it very hard to leave work at work. Always a lesson plan to write, a project to grade a parent to contact. 3 years ago I left the classroom and took a job with the county at one of the high schools as a Career Pathways Facilitator. I arrange and supervise internships for students who leave school early to go to work.

    I have not “taught” a formal lesson in 3 years. Right before break I was told I have to pick up a class for second semester. Picking up a class that someone else had that the kids liked is HARD. I was going to spend Christmas working on lesson plans and activities, but I was too sick to even look at the material. So now I feel stressed, but if it can’t get done during the school day it just won’t get done. I know its not the attitude a teacher should have but for too long teachers have worked too many extra hours and their own family have suffered. I don’t want to do that to my family.

  5. Katherine says:

    First of all…congrats on leaving 65 lbs in 2011!!

    Second, I really love your resolution about really listening. I know I need to do so much more of that.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. Babe_Chilla says:

    Thanks for linking up with us! I love the one about leaving work at work, it’s so silly isn’t it? Like you said, you’re not being paid and you’re not expected to work after hours, yet it’s so easy to do. It’s important to remind yourself to leave it behind (or for me, to leave the office at a decent time!).

    Congrats on being a more healthy you!