No, I’m the lucky one

Today I’m writing about something that I have grown so tired of hearing. I am not a super hero, I am not wonderful, and I am not a saint just because I have adopted a child. I hear these words often and they make me groan on the inside, while I smile on the outside.

When David and I opened our home to become foster parents I had countless people come up to me and tell me what wonderful people we were to help these kids.  I had hoped these type of comments would stop after we adopted.  I thought that maybe our providing a loving and safe home for children in foster care had made people think we were such saints. Yet these comments still continue.

The simple reality is that we are not speculator people. We are just normal parents who do the best we can. I have never thought of adoption as something saintly. I have never viewed myself as the rescuer of my daughter. I am just her mom, a mom like any other mom.

I cannot remember anyone ever coming up to me and telling me how wonderful we were to have our biological son. I have never had anyone ask me if my biological son knows how lucky and blessed he is to be part of our family. I don’t get why people want to constantly remind me that my daughter is lucky to be living with us, but they never seem to have a need say the same thing about my son. Maybe, someone should remind Caleb that he is lucky to be a Lloyd.

So what am I going to do about it?  Probably nothing. I will smile when the comment is made and say the same thing I always say, “No I am the lucky one to have her call me mommy.”

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One Response to “No, I’m the lucky one”

  1. Renee Michael says:

    Adopted or biological the outcome is the same….Caleb and Madilyn have two awesome parents and they carry the same name…LLOYD! We (friends) are the lucky ones….we get to watch them grow and love their parents….I sometimes forget that Madilyn adopted…a tribute to the role that the parents play. Great job David and Donna!