What shakes your faith?

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet~Albert Schweitzer

How strange is that I saw this quote today, and our pastor made a statement very similar in nature at church this morning. He said, life is lived moment by moment. He went on to ask what are we missing by living for the future and always chasing the next big thing. His statement made me wonder what troubles do we borrow by looking past the present  and into the future.

What troubles do we borrow by placing our faith on a shelf and replacing it with worry and doubts because we fear the unknown.

Some big changes were announced at work this past week. With all of the rumors, drama, and craziness I started to worry and I became stressed out. I allowed my focus to be shifted  from what I know to be true to what others perceived to be true. I let the worry of others worry me. I let the unknown overshadow my faith and place doubts in my mind. Today’s message was a great reminder of how I need to have faith in all matters at all times.  I need big faith not wavering faith.

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