Lloyd Weekly

We have had a pretty busy week at the Lloyd House. May is always a busy month with so many personal celebrations and the end of the school year in sight.

We kicked off the week last Sunday with David’s birthday. We celebrated with a lovely dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood. I love that place. No matter what you order you are going to have a great meal.

Tuesday we celebrated 21 years of happiness together. We did not do much for our day since I was unable to get off work. This was the first time in all of the years we have been married that I was not able to take the day off. This budget issue the schools are having and a lack of substitutes is not fun. I can not believe that it has been 21 years already. I did have a “Then and Now” photo project made. It turned out really good considering the “Then” pictures were taken 21 years ago with a 110 Kodak camera, and we were enlarging 3×5 prints.

We then had David’s mom and dad come for a few days to visit. Madilyn was over the top excited that her grandparents were here to visit. I think she wore everyone out with wanting to play. She has so much energy.

Caleb has gone into testing season at school. He had a Math End of Course Test, and takes his AP World History Test next week, followed by a week of final exams. Seems like all we do at school during the month of May is test, test, and more test.

Two more weeks and then were are out for summer… this year is racing by.

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