Top 5 reasons I’m a Bad Mom…

Being a mom is hard.  What makes being a mom hard… other moms. You read that right, other moms make being a mom harder than it needs to be.

There is a constant battle between the different types of moms and it just really needs to stop. We all just need to take off our armour and come to the realization that people are wired differently and just because people do things different then you do they are not bad or less than. Each type of mom brings unique aspects to the table so why not embrace all moms? Why must we continue to engage in the silly mommy battles? 

Top 5 Reasons others think I am a bad mom:

  1. Others think I am a bad mom because I did not breast feed my children and we all know that  breast milk is best (insert rolling eyes here). My kids are just fine and healthy, even though they were not breast fed. Caleb is in 10th grade and has missed maybe 3 days of school due to illness. Madilyn has been sick just a handful of times in her 3 years. Most of her illness comes from the fact that her bmom smoked an average of 2 packs of cigarettes a day which has caused some long term lung and breathing issues.  I know some moms who have breast feed and their kids are always sick. Maybe the overall health of children has a little more to do with genes and the environment, than what they are fed. Feeding choice of infants should not be judged by others.
  2. Others think I am a bad mom because my kids don’t drink cows milk. Removing cow milk from our diets was something we did based on our own research. We have decided that the nutritional value in milk is not worth the extra hormones and antibiotics that are present in the product. As a family we choose to use almond and/or coconut milk. It is healthy and comes from a natural source with no extra hormones or antibiotics. I should not be judged because I don’t force my kids to drink milk and we limit the amount of other dairy products they consume. My kids have a balanced and healthy diet, and lack of cow milk does not make me a bad mom.
  3. Others think I am a bad mom because I work outside of the home.  Sure I don’t spend all day everyday with my kids, but the time I do have with them is quality time. I will take quality over quantity any day. My parenting skills and love for my kids should not be questioned because I work outside of my home. One issue is not related to the other.
  4. Others think I am a bad mom because my kids go to public school. The truth is we tried private school for a few years, and saw ZERO benefit and spent a boatload of money.  Parents need to make the best choices they can for education based on their individual children and beliefs. I should not be judged as a mom based on the educational choices I make for my children.
  5. Others think I am a bad mom because my kids suffer consequences for wrong doing. My kids are not abused, they are being raised to be responsible for their actions. They are disciplined in a manner that they understand and can process. Discipline choices should not define my parenting skills.

I guess my point is that it takes all kinds of moms to raise kids. Moms need to quit being so hard on each other and on themselves. Here’s my take on my being a mom:

I am confident that I am a great mom. I am learning as I go-just like every other mother on the planet.  I love my kids and would do anything in the world for them. Nothing they do will ever stop me from loving them. As a mom I don’t judge other moms, and I wish that other moms would do the same. I will NOT allow other moms to make me feel like I am less than a great mom because of the personal family decisions I make for my children.

Bad moms are people who abuse and neglect thier children. Personal family choices do not make people bad moms.

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