Trip to the Dentist

Madilyn went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. She is nearing four years old and she should have gone long before now. I guess its better late than never.

I found a great child friendly dentist. They had a fort to play in and lots of toys and books for the kids to look at while waiting. The waiting area and exam area was decorated to look like a camp site. There was not a spot on the wall that was not decorated. They even had televisions mounted above the exam chairs so that the kids could watch a movie while being examined and having their teeth cleaned.

Madilyn climbed up on the exam table like a pro. I don’t think she moved a muscle the entire time they were looking at her teeth. Her choice of toothpaste was chocolate, of course. She smiled like a model when getting her x-rays done. At one point a child in the “enclosed room” was screaming bloody murder. If I were not sitting in a dentist office I would have thought the kid was being attacked. The assistant working on Madilyn just turned up the volume on her television and kept on working. I was scared that the screaming would scare her, but she did not even notice it. She had the entire staff laughing and commenting on what a great patient she was. I was pleased to learn that she has no cavities, and that her teeth are forming just as they should be at this point.

Madilyn was super excited to receive a goody bag that included a new princess toothbrush and princess floss.

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