Day 6- Bible Commentary

When  you study the Bible do so with a reliable commentary at your side so that you will understand what you are reading.” ~ Malcolm Young

Today I am thankful for Bible commentaries. For the past several years I have been reading my Bible. However, many times when reading I really did not understanding what I had read…. and I have a MINOR in the Bible. I had forgotten what my professors had taught me about reading and studying God’s word and the importance of  using a realible commentary.

One Sunday at church our pastor made the statement above. After hearing this statement I researched commentaries and actually went out and purchased a new Bible that includes commentary. My Bible reading time is now richer and more beneficial that it has been in years. I am thankful that my pastor reminded me of the importance of really studying God’s word and not just reading over the words.

What are you thankful for today?

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