My son said….

Last week I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas. He floored me with his answer.  I silently thought David and I did something right with this kid.  Caleb’s answer to what do you want for Christmas was, “I don’t need anything, I know of lots of kids who get nothing for Christmas.”

I went on to ask him if he would be happy on Christmas morning with no gifts to open and he once again said, “yes, I would be happy. I don’t really need anything.” I think he would be disappointed if there were no gifts under out tree for him, but I am so glad that my son understands the reason we have Christmas. The Christmas Season is not about receiving stuff. We don’t have to have gifts to have Christmas.

He is getting something for Christmas, it won’t be a lot, but it will be something. I am so thankful that he understands that Christmas is not about what you get.

Photo by Donna

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