Lloyd Weekly

What a week.

Caleb had the flu so he missed a few days of school. This is not a great time to be sick. It was the last full week of school before finals. I guess I can not complain much about him getting sick, because the kid NEVER gets sick.

Madilyn spent the week at school doing all the things that little girls her age like to do. She is excited about the upcoming Christmas party at school. She also had her second dental appointment and smiled ear to ear when Dr. Miles told her she did not have any “sugar bugs” having a party in her mouth.

I fought with my sinus last week and the fight continued into this week. I am beginning to wonder why November and December are my favorite months. I spend most of the time sick due to allergies. I am also getting a little impatient for my car to be repaired from the accident I had last week. The insurance company and Lexus decided to stop playing nicely together so the repairs took longer than they should have.

David has also been fighting with his sinuses. He is having to work late hours because of missing so much work to go to therapy appointments. He also had to have another MRI on his leg this week. His leg is being slow to heal, and is causing some concern for us. His hand is doing great and we see improvement almost everyday.

We have a busy weekend planned and hope to get out to see some Christmas Lights this weekend.


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