Christmas Cards….

I love getting Christmas Cards.  I have noticed over the course of the past several years that fewer and fewer people send actual cards in the mail during the holiday season. Most people send their Christmas greetings electronically, which is fine, but I do miss actual cards that I can hold in my hands.

I really enjoy sending Christmas cards to our family and friends. For me sending cards is part of the holiday that makes me happy. I like to send a message of encouragement to family and friends.  I enjoy the time that David and I spend together picking out the verse to include in our card. We don’t just pick any verse, we pick a verse that is speaking to us and is in some way meaningful to our lives. I also enjoy looking over our photographs and deciding just which ones to include on our card. So many memories are made in a year that it is hard to limit the number of pictures that I want to include on our card.

I also enjoy the time that the family spends together signing all of the cards. Last year all Madilyn was able to write was an “M” this year she was able to write “Madi” on each of the cards. Next year we are aiming for her to be able to write her full name “Madilyn” on the cards.

For us our family Christmas card has become a tradition of spending time together.  We do not view it as a stress, additional cost, or obligation. It is something that we truly want to do.


Photo by Donna

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