2012 Resolutions Revisited

Normally I don’t do resolutions but last January I thought I would give it a try to see how it went. Well I can say I did not meet all of my goals but I came pretty close. I made four resolutions for 2012.

Continue on the road to better health by going to the gym on a regular basis and continuing with weight loss–  Well I totally failed at this. I did not drop any additional weight in 2012. I am happy to say that from January to November I maintained my 65 pound weight loss from 2011. However, after the surgery I had in November I did gain some weight. I hope to drop those few extra pounds as soon as my exercise restriction is lifted.

Spend more time in prayer and devotion–  I succeeded at this. I started most mornings in 2012 by getting up an hour early in order to pray and read my Bible while it was still quiet in the house. I plan to do the same during the coming year.

Be still and really listen to what my family, friends, and God are saying to me–  I would say that I was some-what successful with this resolution. I still have times when I talk more than I listen so I am still a work in progress with this.

Leave work at work–  I was able to do this, and am a much better mom and wife because I don’t do work at home. At home my priority needs to be my family not my work, and this year I made sure that work was left at work.  It was so freeing.

I am not sure what my resolutions for 2013 will be or if I will even make any but I will give it some thought

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