Spring Break-London


Donna and Caleb at Westminster Abbey

In April I got the opportunity to take the trip of a life time with my son. He has been taking French at school for the past three years and his teacher invited her students to take a Spring Break trip to London and France. They needed another adult to travel with the group so I decided I would go. I thought that it would be a wonderful way to have a mother-son trip with Caleb and it would be a great way to make some memories.

Our first stop on the trip was London. Even though I had been there before I  really enjoyed being there with Caleb and his classmates. Within a few minutes of our arrival the kids were participating in a huge pillow fight in Trafalgar Square. It was massive, and fun. I could not believe that the kids got right in the middle of this event. It was cool to see them be so spontaneous.

During our stay in London we did the double-decker bus tour, The Eye of London, Saint James Park, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge and much more. We were up and out of our hotel each morning by 8:30 and did not return until 11:30 or mid-night every night. I was surprised that I was able to keep up with these kids.

I really enjoyed Saint James Park. I loved it last time and I loved it this time. It is just so beautiful and peaceful. I really liked seeing all of the families enjoying picnics in the park.  I could walk the streets of London for days just looking at the architecture.

My son and his friends were in the middle of all of those pillow fighters.

My son and his friends were in the middle of all of those pillow fighters.


Big Ben and Caleb

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