Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard) It has been another busy week for the Lloyd’s.  We spent most of our time settling into our new school and work routines.

Madilyn is enjoying Kindergarten. She loves everything about it and thinks she is just about grown up now. She started her new dance class this past Monday. She did ballet last year but did not really enjoy that kind of dancing. She is now in a Jazz class and absolutely  loved the first session.

Caleb is quickly getting busy with school activities and course work. I do not know what that boy was thinking when he signed up for 5 AP classes. I am confident that he will be able to keep up and do the work. It is just such a heavy course load. He is disappointed that he will not be able to audition for the upcoming One Act play due to a foot issue. He had to have a procedure done this week and healing time can be from 8 to 12 weeks. So he is sidelined for this upcoming production.

David landed a new part-time contract. The work is different from what he has been doing. He is learning new skills and new ways of doing things. I believe that he is enjoying the change even with the longer work hours. The extra money will be nice, but will mostly be put away to help with Caleb’s upcoming college expenses.

I had a great week. For the first time in years I have most of my students paperwork completed and processed from start to finish. I have a great group of students that have worked hard to complete their paperwork in a timely manner.  I have a case load of 78 students this year, and currently have incomplete files on only 2 students. I am still adjusting to not being the one in charge. I keep reminding myself that change is good. I keep reminding myself that I made the decision to resign the position. I keep reminding myself of all the extra work and stress that I no longer have to deal with. It is still hard, because I really dislike change.


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