Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)For a short work and school week it was a busy week.

Madilyn was excited to have her teacher back at school. They spnet the week learning about gravity. She was very excited as she told me all about the spacemen and how they float because they have no gravity. Her class built a roller coaster for a Lego man to continue with this study. She ended the week with an in house science field trip where a company came in with all kinds of neat science experiments. They also had items that the kids could experiment with.  She had a great time learning this week.

I hardly saw Caleb this week. He is staying after school to work with the fall play, and when he gets home at night he is chained to his desk doing homework. I am so glad that we make time for family dinner every night or I would never see the boy.  We ordered his formal senior pictures this week and are looking forward to having casual senior photos made with Jamie soon.

David was notified that he has to take a business trip soon. He is NOT excited about traveling to London again. Last time he went the airline lost his luggage and somehow shoved a banana into his laptop. I am hoping that this upcoming trip will be less eventful for him.

I spent Labor Day working in the house. I have so many little task that I never have time to do it was nice to get the kitchen cabinets reorganized and to purge some items that are never used. This week was the kick off to getting ready for meeting the state Bridge Bill requirements. I spent most of Tuesday in meetings in order to get updated on changes that have occurred with this project.  Now it is time to plan the implementation at our school. September and October will be busy for me as I hammer out the plans for this requirement for all 1450 students on campus.

We have narrowed down our church search to two choices. We plan to visit both churches again and will be in prayer prior to making a final decision.

Overall we had a great week.

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