Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)Have you ever had one of those weeks that you wished never happened?  That is how I feel about the week that just finished.

For the rest of my family the week was a normal week full of work, school, and home life. Everything went as it should. Kids went to school, and learning occurred. David worked as usual. My week however, did not go as I expected.

On Monday, one of my students came to my office to report a problem. I can not go into details about the problem, but it went from my office, to the county office, to the school police, to the county police. I spent all day Monday dealing with this issue and am left with more questions than answers. Most of Tuesday was spent dealing with tying up loose ends. I was so emotionally exhausted I took Wednesday off. I got to spend time with David. It was nice to go to lunch and do a little shopping to take my mind off of everything going on at work.

Thursday and Friday were busy. Thankfully not full of drama from the events of Monday and Tuesday. The early days of this week were a reminder of how much evil there really is in this world.  Those days were a reminder that even though I work with teens they are still kids and they need our prayers and guidance. Our kids are facing so much more than most of us can imagine.

I am praying for a normal week with no drama. It is going to be a long week, because David will not be home to help me. He is having to go “across the pond” for work.

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