Chained to the Desk… no longer

chains-99438-mHaving a desk job is killing me.  Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but lately I feel like I am chained to my desk. I find myself sitting for long periods of time and then being stiff when I need to get up and move around. Long days of working on a computer and compiling reports just does not work well for someone that is trying to have an active lifestyle.

The past few weeks I have been trying to be more active while at work. I have made a conscience effort to get up from my desk in order to move around. For me it has been easy to incorporate since bells ring every hour for 4 periods a day and every 30 minutes for 3 periods a day. I have made it a policy to get up and walk around the halls for a few minutes after each bell that rings to indicate the start of a new class (which is every hour). When the 30 minute (lunch bells) ring I have made it a point to get up and do my knee exercises and general stretching. I do not feel guilty doing these exercises while at work because I am suppose to get an hour lunch which NEVER happens.

These small changes are helping me to be more active. I find that after a few minutes of walking I think more clearly and work more efficiently. Every little bit helps and I am worth the effort.

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