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Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)Since I have been doing Thankfulness post all month long I really have not updated our family happenings.

Last night the family along with my sister Deanna and her husband Josh went to the “Global Winter Wonderland.” I will post more about that on another day. However, I will say that we all had a great time and it was well worth the admission price.

Madilyn is doing very well in school. She is a quick learner and likes to ask a lot of questions about what she is learning.  Last week at school she participated in a Thanksgiving program. She was an Indian woman and she had so much fun playing the part, even though she really wanted to be a pilgrim. She is super excited about Christmas. We also enrolled her in swim classes and she has been having a blast. Our hope is that she can swim well enough that on summer vacation next year she can join us on a snorkeling adventure.

Caleb has continues to make me so proud. We received his ACT scores and he got a 32. The highest you can get is a 36. To put this score in perspective 98% of students taking the test in 2011, 2012, and 2013 received a score lower than 32.  He is now on a quest to find the college that is right for him. Please keep him in your prayers as he narrows down his choices and completes his application process.

At an awards ceremony last week received his Academic Letter and his Lamp of Knowledge patch for his outstanding achievements in school. Additionally he received a certificate from the county for being an AP Scholar. Academic letters are awarded to students who have maintained a 90 or above average for 2 consecutive years. The Lamp of Knowledge is awarded to students who have maintained a 90 or above average for 3 consecutive years. AP Scholar awards are granted to students who recieve scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams. Caleb has received three 5’s.  I am so very proud of him and his academic achievements.

Caleb is also had a story published in the school newspaper. It was his first by-line. So as you can see he has been doing pretty good these past few weeks.

David was notified at the end of October that his contract with Orange will not be renewed.  They are pleased with his work; they just want to spend less money so they have found workers from another country that will do the work for a fraction of the cost. David has been very busy working on his resume, and making contacts with people that may have job leads. We know that this is all in God’s plan and we are not panicking about this. Just keep him in your prayers as he seeks employment, even when you know God is in control it is hard to not stress.

As for me life in the month of November was just about like any other month. No ground breaking changes happening with me. I was able to get through the month without spiraling into a state of depression. November especially the week of Thanksgiving is hard for me. It is strange how one event can touch your life in such a manner that it affects you year after year. I was able to meet my goals concerning working out. I am working on making my family healthier by preparing organic vegetarian meals. I will be posting so recipes I have tried in the coming weeks.

I think the Lloyd family is ready for December. We are ready for a happy holiday season full of tradition, love, encouragement and family times.

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