Thankfulness Day 28- Thanksgiving

thanksThanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.  ~Edward Sandford Martin

Today I am thankful for Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving falls in the month of November, I try to focus on all that is good in my life through out the month. I will admit that sometimes that is hard.  We all go through hard times, but even in our hard times we have blessings more abundant than we need. We truly do have something to be thankful for each and every day of our lives.

Today I will spend time with my family. We will have a fire in the fire place, we will have lots of yummy food, we will laugh we will play; we will have a wonderful day full of love and thankfulness. We will encourage our children to not only be thankful today, but in all of the coming days.

From the Lloyd Family to your family we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends, wonderful memories, and a grateful heart.

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