Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)The month of December is always packed with family stuff, holiday stuff, and wrapping up a semester at school.

Madilyn is enjoying several of our Christmas Traditions. She enjoyed setting up our Nativity while David read the Christmas story from the Bible. We have been doing this for years, and really enjoy the time together as a family. She also enjoyed helping to decorate our Christmas Trees and creating her Christmas Count Down chain. I am sure she learned a few things at school this week, but she failed to tell us about any of them due to all of the excitement of getting ready for the holidays.

Caleb is getting ready for final exams. It is hard to believe that next week is the last week of classes before finals start, this year is going by fast. I can not believe that Caleb will be half way done with senior year in just two weeks.

David is working on finishing up his current contact and seeking new work. We know that something better is to come, the wait is just hard.

As for me, I spent the early part of the week finishing up the house decorations. I managed to do a little Christmas shopping. I had hoped to finish it all up, but have not been able to find the final few items I would like to purchase. Work is busy this time of year. I am working on final student observations, collecting work from students and posting grades. I am so ready for break to begin.



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