Fitness and the Holidays

funnelcakesIt is hard to believe that the holiday season is already upon us. This year seems to have passed so quickly.

I am determined to take steps to maintain my health and fitness levels during this holiday season. It is very easy during this time of the year to add on the pounds and to get out of shape. We get busy and it seems like that every time we turn around there is another yummy holiday treat begging “eat me, please.”

Last year during the month of December I lost 5 pounds and won the “Biggest Loser” contest at the gym. My goal this year is to do the same. I can and will resist the temptations of the season.

I have laid out 5 specific goals for this month that will aid me in staying healthy during this holiday season.

  1. Go to the GYM a minimum of 4 times each week.
  2. Try a new healthy recipe each week– this week is turkey and white bean soup.
  3. Pass on the holiday flavored coffee until daily water consumption has been reached.
  4. Don’t eat when feeling stressed over the holiday.
  5. Reach for fruits and veggies at the holiday parties.

Months of good health is not worth blowing over a few holiday parties. I hope to leave 2013 healthier than I entered. Of course I do plan to have a few treats here and there, but I will not over indulge.

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