Lloyd Weekly

c2This time of the year is so very busy for us and this week has been no exception.

Madilyn is getting more and more excited about Christmas. Each and every morning she tears off her count-down to Christmas chain link and counts the days. I am still counting the days left of work until we get out for break. I don’t think she has yet realized that she will have two weeks of no school. She will not be happy about not seeing her friends and teacher because she really likes school.

Caleb has been busy preparing for final exams. He had his Economics End of Course Test this week and did very well. He sick, and we ended up taking him to the doctor. Hopefully his medications will kick in and he will be ready for final exams next week.

David has had a frustrating week passing the baton at work. It would be easier for him if they had hired qualified people to replace him. He spends most of his days answering questions that he really should not have to answer and repeating himself because the people want “more information” when there is really no more information to give. Keep him in your prayers as he continues to finish up his current contract and seeks new employment.

I had a pretty good week.  I had to plan a big meeting and everything for the meeting went very smoothly. It was one of the best meetings we have had for our Advisory Committee. I am also almost finished with the big Bridge Bill Project. It is a big pain to get 1700+ students to be compliant in this law.  Hopefully some of my work stress will diminish now that these two projects are wrapped up.

David and I have both volunteered to start serving at our new church home. David will be working with the sound and I will be working with the kids again. For both of us it will be the same yet different.  David has never worked with an all-digital sound board so he will have to learn to run sound with newer equipment. I have always worked in child-care, but I have always worked with kids in grades k-5. This time around I will be working in the baby and toddler rooms.  I am glad that we have found a new home and are getting involved again.


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