Lloyd Weekly

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)Winter has settled in on us and we are cold. I do not like the cold and can not wait for signs of spring. This has been one of our coldest winters ever. It really makes it hard to get up out of bed and get moving in the mornings.

Madilyn does not like this cold weather. She hates wearing a coat, sweater, and gloves. She also does not like that they have not gotten to play outside at school much during the past few weeks. As much as she enjoyed the snow last week I am sure that she will be happy when warmer weather arrives.

Caleb received an acceptance letter from the University of Valdosta and Georgia State University. He is still working on sending additional information to other schools he is considering attending. The rest of the schools he has applied for will not send letters of admissions or denial until sometime in April. It may be a long wait. This week we got a little taste of what life will be like next year when Caleb goes away to college. Caleb went on a 3 day 2 night field trip. Things were a little different without him

David had a few interviews during the past few weeks, however none of them have been fruitful. He has a followup on one next week. He is continuing to apply for positions. Looking for work is so stressful. We are both praying that he will find work soon. He is getting bored with not having anything to do. He has been volunteering a lot at church to pass the time, but he is still a bored.

As for me life has just gone on at a normal pace. Work has been uneventful (thankfully).  Home life has consisted of the same routines.  I am still having a health issue that the doctors are having a hard time treating effectively. It stinks, but not much can be done about it.

I have continued along to go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. David and I are also still working out each morning at 5:30 during the week days, and we work out one afternoon during the weekend. We always take one day off to rest. I guess overall life is good.

The forecast is calling for snow and ice again this coming week. YUCK. I hate feeling trapped at home. I hate having our routines disrupted.

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