Ground Hog Day

Have you ever seen the movie Ground Hog Day? If so I feel like I am living the movie. Everyday is the same.

Up at 5:30
Shower/dressed by 6:00
Start Load of Laundry
Unload Dishwasher
Get Caleb up
Pack Lunches
Make Bottles
Get Madilyn up
Leave house at 6:50
Drop Caleb off at Bus Stop
Drop Madilyn at Day Care
Go to Work (mostly at work I am bored, not a lot to do with this new job)
Pick Madilyn up at 3:30
Feed Madilyn
Put Madilyn down for a nap
Cook Dinner
Clean the Kitchen
Watch Tv for 1-2 hours
Go to bed
Start Over Again

*Thursday night I go to KSU from 5-10, so that day is a little different. And of course Saturday and Sunday’s are differnt.

I need a vacation, and a shake up to my routine. Today I am so tired I almost fell asleep in our morning meeting. There is no reason I should be this tired.

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