legolandThis past week we had Fall Break. I love this break. It is a nice reprieve from the busyness of school and work. This year we decided that for the most part we would spend the time at home and check out a few local places that we had never been before.  So on Monday, Madilyn and ventured out to the Atlanta area to visit LEGOLAND.

We had a great time.  Many people have posted negative comments about this place because they expected the “Florida LEGOLAND” experience.  I did not expect much because I did research prior to deciding to go (SEE INSIDE).

We started our day in the factory, where we learned the process of how Legos are made. We also learned that Madilyn is 108 Lego’s tall. Our next stop was the Kingdom Quest Ride. Madilyn really enjoyed shooting the spiders and bats on this laser shooting ride. We then made our way into the Ninja room. In this room they had a few activities to prove your Ninja skills. Madi is so much more a Ninja than I am.

Our next stop was Miniature Land. This room was a model of the Atlanta area. All of the major landmarks and buildings were in place. The room went from night to day, and during the transition lights on the buildings came on or went out. Little cars and trains moved about the model. Several of the buildings  had controls that kids could play with in order to make things happen within the model.  It was super cool and I could have spent more time looking in this area, but Madilyn became bored with it pretty quickly.

We then rode the second ride which was “Merlin’s Apprentice.” This ride is kind of boring as it just goes in circles and the more you pedal the higher you go. Madilyn enjoyed the ride, for me it was just okay.

Next up was the Lego building area. This area had several different building areas. In one you could build a race car and race down ramps. Madilyn enjoyed building her race car, but it did not win any races.  They had a master builder that helped us build the model of the day which was a monkey. It took us a while to build the monkey, but in the end we got it done. They had other building areas and a playground with a slide, tunnels, and really big Legos to build with. Over all the area was clean and well stocked with a variety of building blocks.

Our final stop was the 4D theater. They have 4 different movies that play. Each movie last about 15 minutes. We watched two of the four. One was pretty good the other had a story line that was very hard to follow. We both enjoyed the 4D effects.

Over all we had a great time. However, I feel that the price of admissions is too much for what you get. So if you plan to go look online for coupons. I am glad that I was able to find a good coupon online that allowed us to get in for 1/2 price.

We did make a stop at the Lego store prior to leaving and we bought Madilyn her first set of Legos- she picked out the “Friends Jungle Resuce” set. She had a blast building the set and did a lot of it on her own. She has played with it almost everyday since we brought it home.




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