We Get to Choose

p1Every day we get to choose what kind of day we are going to have. Will it be a good one or a bad one? I am not saying that I can control what happens, but I can control how I respond to what happens in my life. 

Today will be full of many choices. Today I will choose not to be angry. Today I will make a choice to not be negative. Today I will choose to just be happy and take the punches of life and move on and not let things that are out of my control bring me down. Today I choose to remember the blessings of this life. Today I choose to focus on God and not on the things that really do not matter.

The kids may be sick, money may be tight, and the house may be falling apart. Work may be stressful, bills may be stacking up, and I may have a headache but today I choose to have a great day. 

Today I choose to live under the grace and love of God.

What choices will you make today? Will it be a great day or will you be a stressed out mess?

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