Thankfulness Day 7- Georgia Lottery

gownEducation cost money, but then so does ignorance~Claus Moser

Today I am thankful for the Georgia Lottery, because it helps to fund the Georgia Hope Scholarship. This scholarship currently is based on merit and has nothing to do with the financial standing of the parents. I really hope that it stays this way. College is very expensive and this scholarship has greatly helped my family during our son’s first year at Georgia State University.

Caleb worked very hard during his high school years to achieve and maintain the necessary grade point average to be eligible for the GA Hope Scholarship. It is now up to him to continue working hard so that he can continue to maintain the grades necessary to receive this scholarship in the upcoming years.

I am thankful that the state of Georgia is helping deserving students by offsetting the cost of college tuition. I hope that the program continues for many years to come.

What are you thankful for today?

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