RevoluntianaryLove.TV- The Sequel Week 2

I was glad to see the amount of items collected for the women’s shelter. Five truck loads of needed items were given to the shelter. The children of the church also collected 50 bags of items for MUST Ministries. The children were so excited to bring there bags to give to others who are in need.

WEEK 2: The topic today was Unselfish Serving. Another topic I needed to hear. Not that I am selfish with my serving, but sometimes I wonder when others will get up and step up to the plate. But you know that is between them and God and I don’t need to worry about what others do I only need to worry about myself.

So Gary presented the 4 A’s of Unselfish Serving. I hope that I remember them correclty.
Assessment- Assessing the need for service
Action- Taking action and serving where needed
Attitude- Having a positive loving attitude while serving
Awesomeness Knowing it is awesome to serve others and to be a blessing to others.

At the end of the service they passed the offering baskets again. This week the cards contained Random Acts of Kindness. Can’t wait to hear what people do with these cards and the reaction that they have.

Next week they will be collecting the annual Christmas offering. I hate to miss the service next week, but we will be having some time as a family relaxing and playing in the sun. However, we will mail our Christmas Offering to the church prior to leaving.

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