Our Black Friday Tradition

Disney1Unless I am at Disney World I do not like crowds, even then I dislike being in a crowd. So my family avoids Black Friday shopping like the plague. We have no desire to stand in long lines and fight others for discounted items.

Last year I got the idea to create our own Black Friday tradition by doing something fun with the family on that day. So we found ourselves at The International Global Winter Wonderland. We had a fantastic time, so as Black Friday approached this year I wondered what we could do as a family that would be fun and entertaining.

It was just our luck that Cirque du Soleil was in Atlanta performing Amaluna. Madilyn had never been to see a Cirque du Soleil production and I was excited for her to have this experience. The show did not disappoint. The music in this show was by far the best we have heard from any of the shows that we had seen. It had a modern rock vibe, while the other shows we had attended had been more opera like in style. The story was a coming of age tale about a boy and girl who fall in love and the obstacles they face when trying to be together. It was very well done. The costumes and all of the acts were breath taking.

It is unfortunate that I do not have any photos of this event. They do not permit photography during the show and the photos I took prior to the start of the show were blurred.

We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed the show and do not regret no shopping on Black Friday.


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