Count Down to Christmas

cdtcEach year Madilyn makes her “Countdown to Christmas Chain.” The first thing she does each morning after she has created the chain is to tear off one link and then count the remaining links.

Several years ago we created a background picture for our chain to hang from. This picture was made using a standard piece of Christmas themed scrap booking paper, stickers and a ribbon. Last year when we hung it up on the wall I could tell that we would need to replace it this year, because it was starting to fray and tear and look bad. I really wanted to try to salvage it in some way, because it had been our traditional background for as long as Madilyn has been making the Christmas Countdown Chain. However, I was unable to come up with a solution to salvage the original creation.

This year we started from scratch using the same type of materials for the background: 1 standard piece of scrapbook paper and stickers. However, I found a picture frame that fit the paper just perfectly. So Madilyn used the paper and stickers to create a new picture for her annual countdown to Christmas. This one should last much longer because it will be protected by the glass and frame.

Madilyn had a blast making the chain and was delighted with the results.


Previous Years Countdown Background
Not framed so it did not last.


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