Saturday- December 20 (recap)

We left my moms house around 10 am and headed toward Mobile. Madilyn went with Aunt Mary to spend the night at her house.

Upon arriving in Mobile we learned that the previous cruise arrived late, so we would be a little delayed in our departure. We were to board around noon, but did not board until about 2:00. It was all good, we just hung around and talked with other passengers.
Upon boarding we were treated to a large lunch buffet. After eating lunch we hung out on deck waiting for the ship to depart. However, our departure was delayed due to the late arrival. We went to the dining room for our 6:00 pm dinner. About half way through dinner they announced that we were finally departing and that our delay would not affect our trip or our arrivals to other destinations. After dinner we explored the ship and spent sometime on deck looking at the sky.
We had no problems with our luggage, and found our rooms to be about what we expected. Small but not too small. The beds were comfortable and we all slept well the first night on board.

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