December 21 (recap)


Missed the sunrise, it was great to actually sleep through the night. Missed Madilyn but enjoyed the sleep.
Caleb spent some time swimming, playing video games and hanging with the circle C kids. David and I were just plain lazy and spent a lot of time lounging on deck. I took a book to read, but was even too lazy to read. Our view for the entire day was blue water, it was so peaceful.
We went to the top deck and played a game of mini golf. David won, but I think the wind was on his side. The game was fun but difficult because of the high winds.
We went to the Captains reception prior to dinner. It was interesting to meet the crew. They had a band playing dance music, it was very entertaining to watch the older couples dance, they were really good.
Dinner was wonderful, we got spoiled on good food and good service.

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