The Nutcracker

nutcrackerMadilyn has her homemade Countdown to Christmas Chain, but Caleb has his Nutcracker.  Caleb was around 5 years old when the Nutcracker came to be part of our Christmas decorations and traditions.

This year Caleb is away at college, so the changing of the days to Christmas has fallen to other family members until Caleb returns home in mid-December. I offered to let Caleb take the Nutcracker to school with him, but he felt that he should remain at home on the kitchen counter where he had been every year since we moved into our home. I have to admit I would miss this guy if Caleb took him to his apartment at GSU.

My children are very much like me…. everything has a place and everything in its place. The kitchen just would not look the same without him. As time goes by some of our traditions are having to change, but its nice to know that we will have the memories of our traditions.

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