NAKED- Week 1 the Naked Truth

Revolution Church is getting naked this January.  Excited about this series, Gary is striping christianity back and bringing it back to basics.  

Week 1- The Naked Truth
There is only one way to get into heaven.  So many times people think that “good works” will get them into heaven.  Well in part 1 of the Naked series Gary Lamb gave good reasons why good works don’t get one into heaven and why there is only one way in.
Reasons we love the the “Live Good Theory” 
  1. It’s a fair system
  2. You will make the cut
  3. Motivates you to live good
  4. It is consistent with the idea of a good God.
Problems with the “Live Good Theory”
  1. There is no clear standard to check progress
  2. We don’t know the grading system
  3. It makes a liar out of Jesus 
Scripture used in sermon:
  1. John 14:6 (only 1 way)
  2. Romans 3:10 (no one is without sin)
  3. Romans 3:20 (good is not determined by the law)
  4. John 3:1-8 (no one can see the kingdom unless he is born again)
***Its not about what we are doing it is about what has already been done (Jesus dying on the cross for us).
Final Thoughts
  1. Everyone is welcome
  2. Everyone gets in the same way
  3. Everyone can meet the requirement

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