Love Letters

verseI found the quote in the picture and decided that I would print it and keep it in my journal for the month of January. When I read it for the first time it sparked a memory in my mind from the Fall of 1990.

When David and I first met at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee I ended up dropping out of school for a semester. I returned to Florida through no real choice of my own. I remember spending the entire semester trying to get back to Cleveland, TN. I remember receiving many letters from him and bubbling with excitement to see what he had written to me. All these years later I still have his letters and he still has the letters I wrote to him.

Several years ago I sorted and organized our letters to each other by date. The letters read almost like a story book with our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and concerns for the future. Each letter is a treasure to my heart. I learned to love him, appreciate him, and know him through his letters. It was 1990 we did not have cell phones, text, email, Facebook or Twitter. We did not have loads of money to call each other everyday. So we kept in touch and grew to love each other more and more through our letters. By November of that year I knew that I would marry him. We had only spent about 3 weeks together in person, but somehow I knew we were meant to be together.  I returned to Lee in January of 1991 and we were married in May of 1991.

I want to be able to read Gods words with the same anticipation and excitement in which I read David’s love letters to me. I want to know him more, appreciate him more, love him more, and connect with him.  I want to be able to pray to God with the same kind of passion and love in which I wrote my letters to David.  This concept might sound strange to an unbeliever but I think that fellow believers will understand that I am saying. God has given us the perfect love letter if we will only open up our hearts and make the time read it, study it and respond to him.

Photo by Donna

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