Steps to Changing your Diet

weightAt the start of the year David and I made big changes to how we eat. I blogged about it a few days ago (here).  I will admit that at first it was hard to stick to the changes. However, we did stick to our plan and I am happy we did. Once or twice the thought of eating a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie did pop into my head, but as quickly as it popped in it popped out without the temptation of making an “allowance just this one time.”

It was not easy but we followed a few basic steps to help keep us on track. We are now into month two of eating better for our fitness and health. 

Make a weekly menu prior to going shopping. Be detailed and plan every meal and snack. This will ensure that you have a plan. The hardest part about sticking to a plan is not having a plan. We found that with all of our meals and snacks carefully planned we were able to stay on track.

Make no allowances for a “one time” for a cheat or special treat.  Doing this may lead to another and then another. Just don’t do it. Try to make it through a week with your proposed changes. If you do it for a week try to do it again and again. If you mess up at a meal or snack, don’t blow off the entire day start right back at it.

Its a choice. Realize and accept that it is a choice to eat healthy. Make the decision to only eat healthy. We don’t need to eat foods with ingredients that are man made and unpronounceable. You have control over what goes into your mouth. No one is force feeding you, so make healthy choices.

Don’t just change what you eat change how you think and act. Food should be viewed as a fuel. You do not have to be a gourmet meal every time you sit down to eat. Accomplishments and special occasions do not have to be celebrated with food. You do not need a dessert or evening snack every night. Listen to your body and only eat when you are hungry. This was by far the most difficult aspect to change. We are ingrained as children that special occasions mean special treats. It is hard to overcome this way of thinking but it is possible.




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