March Motivation

march_motivationThis is the quote that will be my fitness motivation during the month of March. I have placed it on my computer monitor so I will see it daily while at work.

It is so easy to think about giving up without thinking of the regret that will also come with giving up.  I have decided that I am not going to quit no matter what. I will be relentless. Quitting will not be an option for me. Being fit and staying healthy requires commitment.  I have committed to not giving up.  There is no quick fix for weight loss and improved health. Results will not be seen overnight. These things will come overtime.  If I stay committed I will reach my goals and have no regrets.

Sometimes you have to prove to yourself that you are not a quitter. This month I will prove I am not a quitter. Once you prove to yourself it is easier to keep going strong.


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