Fitness Friday

fitness-fridayFitness Friday, is my way of staying accountable in my health and fitness goals. Without accountability I tend to stop moving forward. This has been a tough week. I have had a sinus headache everyday. It is so easy to use “not feeling good” as an excuse to just be lazy with exercise and eating habits. However, I stayed the course and did the best I could do even though I had a pounding headache.

Monday-Wednesday:  Even though I had a pounding headache I still went to the gym after work. Usually if I have a headache working out will help to alleviate some of the pain. This week however, exercise did not help.  I felt good about making the choice to work out instead of napping each day after work.  Since my head was hurting so badly I did not want to be on my computer unless I really needed to be so I did not track my food in “My Fitness Pal.”  I have been eating the same food items for a few months now, so I can pretty much calculate in my head how many calories, carbs, and fat most items have. However, I do plan on going back to the daily food log this coming week.

Thursday: My head hurt so bad that I went home and got some rest in hopes of a little relief. None was to be found.

Friday: The gym is closed on Friday afternoons. I very much dislike this. So today I got up early and did a short morning workout prior to going to work. I need to try to do this more often because I feel that morning workouts are more effective for me and help me to get my mind focused.

Saturday:  I plan on attending Pure Fitness. I have truly enjoyed getting together with these ladies each week.  It has been a great time of learning and building friendships with others who are working hard to reach their goals.

I ordered this shirt from Curves. My motto for this year is “No Excuses.”









My next weigh and measure is set for the week of September 1.  So far the scale has not moved, so I am hoping for some movement on the tape measure.

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