Still Here

The Lloyd’s have not fallen off the face of the earth. Things have been SO busy here. Our recent happenings are listed below for your reading pleasure.

  • Caleb got braces
  • Madilyn went to see and ear, ear, nose specialist and she will be getting tubes in July.
  • Caleb finished the 7th grade.
  • I finished my 1st year teaching at Creekview High School.
  • Creekview High School held its first ever graduation. You can not get anymore red neck than that wonderful display. I could not believe all of the hooting and hollering. You would think that these kids are never going to accomplish anything more in life. Graduation is a formal ceremony not a backyard picnic.
  • Cherokee County cut my contact by 10 days, thus cutting my pay by about $2000.
  • My new degree earns me a pay raise which is good since the county just cut my pay.
  • Madilyn is now working on teeth number 3, 4, and 5 all at the same time. #1 and 2 have been in for a while.
  • David is still working for himself with the same clients. Had to fire a contractor but life goes on.
  • Have planned a KID FREE vacation for the end of June. We are going to stay at the Hilton on San Destin Beach. Kids are staying with grandma and grandpa.
  • Madi will be 1 on June 24 (also Aunt Katie’s B-Day)
  • Caleb will be 13 on June 25.

As you can see not much has been going on. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing summer of not doing much. School starts back WAY to soon in my opinion.

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