Home Organization

We have been on Summer vacation for just over a week. Caleb is already getting lazy. I am trying to get things done that I have put off forever. The big jobs that need to be done is cleaning out the closets, setting up our food storage area, cleaning the office and updating Caleb’s Room.

  • Closets: Why can I just not make myself take care of these? Every time I open one I am scared of what I may find or what may fall out and hit me in the head.
  • Food Storage Area: We went to IKEA and found some shelving that we are going to use in the garage storage closet for storing extra food. Now that I have gotten the hang of coupon shopping we have extra food that will not fit in our pantry. This is good for two reasons: 1) I always have the basics on hand and don’t run out of things we use all the time. 2) if I just don’t feel like shopping I don’t have to because we are never out of groceries. David got the shelves built, now I just need to move stuff from the overstuffed pantry into the new storage area. Hopefully this will help with the over crowding issue we are having in some of our cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Office: This has been a mess for over a year. I hardly go in the office anymore because I can not stand how it looks or feels. We went to IKEA to find storage solutions for the office but ended up getting stuff for Caleb’s room with the idea of moving some of his old stuff into the office. We made a huge dent in the office. We still have some organizational work to do, but we can now see the floor, and my work area. David is still working on getting his work area cleaned up.
  • Caleb’s Room: While at IKEA we found some great pieces for Caleb’s room. We got him a nice shelving unit a new desk and a new chair. The new desk is much wider then the old one which will provide him with more working surface. The new bookshelf is larger than the ones he had and is nicer. We took several of his old cheap shelves out of his room and placed them in the office closet to help with office organization. Caleb’s room has never been really nice when it comes to furniture. It has just been a hodgepodge of stuff. We plan on going back to IKEA to pick up a new TV stand and additional shelves next month. We would like for him to have a nice room for his teen years. Caleb seems to like the new desk and shelves. He was told to clean his room and get rid of stuff he does not use anymore. I really thought that I would have to follow behind him, but he did really good and got rid of 6 huge bags of toys, and clothing that he does not use any more. Now if we can just keep him from getting the room all cluttered up again things will be good.

I hate the initial process of cleaning and organizing but once it is done I feel so much better, and the areas look so much better.

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