Bad Week

So I had a really bad week. First off my birthday was on Tuesday and only 1 extended family member even bothered to wish me a Happy Birthday. I knew some of them were mad at me because of some events that occurred while we were on vacation last week but I did not realize that they were all still mad to the point of being so cruel as to not even text or email birthday wishes.

On Tuesday also broke a bottle of David’s cologne when I was unpacking our bags. The house smelled for days and was over whelming. On Wednesday, I dropped my coffee cup and the lid to Madilyns sippy cup came off so we had a big mess in the living room. Then on Saturday I broke an expensive crystal decanter. I did not think that things could get any worse.
But then they did….
On Sunday July 5, on the way home from church I hydroplaned while driving David’s truck. Thankfully no one was hurt and Madilyn was already safely at home with David but the back end of the truck is a mess. We got the estimates on damages, and I am just thankful that we have insurance. Our out of pocket will be $500 but the estimated cost of repairs are $6300 and will take about 12 working days to complete.
Here’s hoping that the coming days will much better.

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