Lloyd Weekly (A Little Late)

Lloyd_L016(chalkboard)This was a hard week. It is so hard to get back into routine after having almost two weeks off of work.

Madilyn had a great week. She got all great marks on behavior this week and is so proud of herself for being good at school. I will not lie the past several months have been a struggle with her and for her. I am so happy that we finally found a solution that works for her. I pray that in the coming weeks things will continue to improve for her both in the areas of behavior and academics.

Madilyn and I spent Saturday morning shopping for Spring and Summer clothing. We found so many cute outfits for her. She was so excited to pick out her outfits and shoes. On Sunday I took her to see the Paddington movie. She really enjoyed the story.

Caleb is alive, is about all I can say. I got a text from him which helps to confirm my theory that he is still in the land of the living.

David had a very big deadline at work this week. Finally after months the website he has been working on has been released. He also has picked up a side job for a friend and will be doing a music website. His stress levels have dropped, which is a good thing.

For me things were pretty much by the book this week. Home, work and school.  I did enjoy  “Ladies Night Out” at Oakleaf on Friday night and a Date Night with David on Saturday.

This week will be a wet one, but hopefully it will be a productive one.

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