I really like Jamberry

JB1Have you heard about Jamberry nail shields?  I love these things and I have only been using them since November. 

I learned about this product when I was invited to an online party. I browsed through the catalog and thought, “What a great selection. I wonder if they work?” I then spent two days watching online videos and reading online reviews of the product.  I love having color on my nails, but do not love the amount of effort it takes to paint my right hand so that it looks decent and not like it was done by a four year old. I also really can not afford to go to the nail salon every two weeks. So I thought if these work they would be the perfect replacement for regular nail polish.  I bit the bullet and placed an order, and could not be happier with the product.

Madilyn had a horrible habit of biting her nails. We had tried everything to get her to stop. I would paint her nails or take her to the salon to have them done and within a few days she was already scraping the paint off with her teeth.  I decided to purchase some Jamberry Juniors for her. These shields make it almost JB2impossible to bite your nails. She gets about 2 weeks wear out of them and her nails are growing and look great. She loves being able to go online and pick out new colors and styles.

I also like that if you remove them as directed there is no damage to the nail bed. I have tried “gels” from the salon, but have had damage to my nail bed. I can take the Jamberry off and just clean the nail with no evidence left that I ever had them on.

If you want to join my online party this week send me your Facebook name and I will add you to the party. By joining the Facebook group you will be able to interact with an experienced consultant and participate for a chance to win some prizes. If you do not want to do Facebook you can just go to my Jamberry page and look at the selection and decide from there if you would like to try this product.

If you have any questions let me know.

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t normally pimp products on my blog or normally participate in trying to sell products.  However, I like this product so much I am doing both.



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